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Work with Jillian Morrison

- YNAB Certified Coach -

YNAB is a robust budgeting program with lots of complexity. 

That makes it highly versatile for all sorts of financial situations and goals, but it also means a high learning curve to get comfortable with it.  I know from my own experience how frustrating and overwhelming that can be.

Since Spring 2020, I've been working with new YNAB users via one-on-one coaching sessions to cut down on that learning curve and give my clients a jump-start to becoming happy and confident YNABers.


If you'd like the same kind of jump-start, I'd love to work with you.

Jillian Morrison

Experienced YNAB Coach

I started using YNAB in 2018 and became a "YNABer for life" in November of that year.  

For the first few months, I wished I could have someone walk me through it all. Thankfully I stuck with it long enough on my own that I didn't give up, but having a guide at the start would have been so beneficial!  So I started offering that service to others.


I have been successfully coaching clients throughout the US since 2020. Then in 2021, I completed the certification program to become a YNAB Certified Coach.

My mission as a YNAB Coach is to cut through the learning curve so you can be off and running in no time with not only a functional budget, and lots of Aha Moments, but a satisfying confidence that "you got this!"

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